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Russell Crowe
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Russell Crowe What others have to say

Sharon Stone:
''Russell Crowe is the sexiest guy working in movies today.''Virginian Pilot, August 3, 1995

Sam Raimi:
"He reminds me of what we imagine the American cowboy to have been like.""He's dangerous because he's always thinking." The Age Nov. 97

Kelly Lynch:
"Russell is a being that likes to amuse himself so much that he is amusing." "Virtuosity: The search for Sid 6.7"

Denzel Washington:
"Russell is wild. Hes very intense, a very excellent actor. An actor who really comes in prepared but at the same time likes to have a good laugh.""Virtuosity: The search for Sid 6.7"

Salma Hayek:
"Russell Crowe is one of the best actors I've ever worked with." Box Office magazine 1997

Youki Kudoh:
"He can be very difficult and certainly arrogant. When he's in a good mood, he's your next best friend, but on a bad day, he's not easy to be around." Cinefile

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