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Russell Crowe
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Russell Crowe On His Career

"I wish these people that keep predicting this stardom for me would just send some money. I mean, I've got about 15 bucks in the bank at the moment." Empire Dec. 97 (Yeah right Russell and vegemite actually tastes good!)

"Generally I'm not somebody who covets roles, even if someone else gets a part that I'd like to play. I concentrate on what's actually available to me. Still, I would have liked to do the first run of 'A Streetcar Named Desire.'Get out of the way, Marlon!"

"I've made 18 movies and I think I've given 18 bad performances. I'm still prepared to believe that I'm learning this job, and sooner or later I might give a performance I like."

On stardom : "It never even pops into my head. I have a passion for my job,and wherever that actually leads is where it leads. We'll just see. I don't fit into any of the current categories."

"The only time I ever get a job in America is when all the other actors are distracted." Interview Sept. 97

"I want to do movies that have a strong sense of purpose, and work with people who have a vision," he's said. "Whether that's in a supporting or a lead capacity is neither here nor there. And if you get locked into a major-studio-only kind of career, though it may seem huge on one level, your options begin to get limited."Newsday 1995

"There are three categories of movies: a director you really want to work with on a piece you really care about; movies you make for political reasons -- the gig has a great pedigree and a great team; and there are those that are just out-and-out bribes, where they offer you so much money you only think about it for a second. The thing is, I'm not interested in category two or three." Empire Dec. 97

On Hollywood: "I'm still having conversations with people like I've just come out of the stratosphere. Everyone is always discovering me." People Oct. 7, 1997

On preparing for a role: "Effortlessness takes preparation."Detour Oct. 97

"In order to get true emotional levels, true levels of sexuality, you've got to be emotionally close to your co-star, your fellow performer. And you know that that relationship is only for the movie. I'm blown away here, where people don't even sit their actors down in the same room and have a reading."Detour Oct. 97

Russell's approach to acting: "It's about an emotional reaction. It's about where it actually gets you as an individual, because the same performance will affect a thousand people a thousand different ways." (American-Statesman 1997)

On the current media frenzy regarding his private life: "Frankly, folks, I go to work, I do my job. I really concentrate, and if you go to the cinema, pay your money and have a good time. That's the end of it, as far as I'm concerned." (Access Hollywood, Demember, 2001)

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